Some New Videos…


Lost in Play // 戏游记 from DJ Furth

Song: XX, Maresia



Mist in PORTO from Noos Films 

Song: Bed



Hauke Dressler spricht über Porträtfotografie from Malte Joost 

Song: The Wrong Way



Boston Complete Streets from Utile

Song: Montmartre



The Making Of… YPPERLIG, IKEA meets HAY (V.39) from ADI-FAD 

Song: Bodies



FMDM2017 | Travesía a nado – Ruth Ballesteros from Nomad

Song: Gramaphone



New Release: kontra-punkte


No-haste music.

Soft and ethereal pianos with synthetic sounds created from soundscapes.

Lighneted notes, lengthened chords, glitch, smooth atmospheres, environmental noises…

A game played around sound, improvised.

A break without post-production or master, to catch the moment… and to stretch it.

Influences… La Monte Young, Xenakis, Stockhausen, Nicolas Jaar, field recordings, horizon lines, Brian Eno, radio tuning, Sakamoto, Arvo Pärt, synthesis, lullabies, Steve Reich, waves moving slowly, Phillip Glass, Chopin & Schumann, repetitions and mantras, Max Richter, Arca, uncertainty, walk unknown places, Johansson & Arnalds, Vangelis, keep a piano chord until the sound disappears…

Artwork: Original photo by Julia Valencia Gachs

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Review: betterwithmusic 2016

Natural Therapy

Natural Therapy is basically folk with synths. Soft and pleasant songs that alternate electric and acoustic guitars, always with a bed of pads and different keyboards. Sometimes close and friendly, sometimes more epic. But always avoiding shrillness, looking hopeful, between contained happyness and good times of melancholy.

Relaxing music, but with muscle. Again playing with contrasts: to contemplate or dream but not to sleep.



CDDC is a compilation of ambient tracks with silences and repetitions, looped tiny melodies, prepared pianos, drones, clicks and crackles, arpeggiator sequences and modulated percussion, noises, reverbs and delays… Some dark atmospheres for suspense and tension moments. Some ethereal landscapes to contemplate and meditate. Always full of details…

Basically, “DCCD” is composed of several mixes, remixes and alternative takes of some “CDDC” songs.

More danceable and festive, with house, minimal or techno rythms as reference, “DCCD” leaving the dark and “not-at-all relaxed” air. The new versions explores a fresher and brighter side of these songs.

A new point of view with powerful kick drums and sequenced bass phrases, without forgetting all the noises, clicks and crackles.


HiFi City Tales

A compilation of Instrumental Beats: Hip Hop, Trap, Grime, Breakbeat phrases… Some smooth atmospheres for a walk…

Influences… Drake, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Landscapes, Shabazz Palaces, Schoolboy Q, Trim, Boy in da Corner, stroll along the beach, A$AP Rocky, MPC, window shopping, Future, Archy Marshall, Kanye West, summer night party, Kelela, Thundercat, Frank Ocean…


Some works “on demand”

Los Nombres del Fuego


Prototype Fund


Also this year I was lucky to start two new parallel projects like (H) inercia and Maresia. That’s why I have not been able to expand the library in the way I would like. But I’m not going to complain about it, it’s a pleasure to be part of these new adventures.



And a lot of new collaborations. Thank you all for rely on my music!



Review: betterwithmusic 2015



OnusOnus is melodic lines of strings and winds supported in electronic beds. With synths in the background and saturated drum machines. Guitars that appear suddenly, distant. There are broken rhythms and kicks that hit you. The result of mixing dark electronica with dramatic orchestral arrangements.

Influences… Actress, snowy beaches, silence, Arca, Haxam Cloak, Andy Stott, Ben Frost, Björk, Clark, wrong expectations, homesickness, cold snap, Theo Parrish, Herbert, violins and cellos, broken instruments, Hans Zimmer, Debussy, Britten, Shostakovich, Brian Eno, Johann Johannsson, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, hugs…



message copia

12 songs, 27 minutes. Rock, garage, punk (for reference). 12 fresh and direct songs, without additives. With prominence of dirty guitar riffs and frenetic rhythms. Casual sounds and imperfect tricks. As if it was a first concert in a small club. Or we listened to a rookie rock group in one of his first reunions in a garage. When, musically, the intensity is above everything else.

Influences… Black Lips, The Clash, beer & public gardens, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, longboards, Eddy Current, Harmony Korine & Larry Clark, Black Flag, 4-string guitars and 2-string basses, The Cramps, Titus Andronicus, BMX, Ex Hex, Broncho, bad kids, caps and backpacks, Parquet Courts, hangovers, Sonics, Gonzo, OFF…



DJIt is certainly a necessary pause just before publishing “Onus”. Faced with the melancholy sounds of the strings, saturated drum machines and the gray atmosphere that characterizes “Onus”, this song makes a brake, relaxed and fresh. Escape of “Onus” made me most easily find the sound I was looking for for this “DJ” and close the song successfully. I needed to party.






“In the near future, 2037, a few mega-corporations rule the world. There is a deadly Red-Flu epidemic and only one of these corporations can manufacture the drug to cure it  Omnisource.

A rival corporation, Dynacorp, contracted, you, a corporate spy to infiltrate and steal their trade secret.  — This is your story.”






And to close 2015, a foretaste… “Natural Therapy”, coming soon…

Happy New Year!!