Can I use this music for FREE?

You can use all betterwithmusic library’s songs for free if you meet the terms of the CC License (Attribution-ShareAlike). That’s all.

According to these terms, anyone is allowed to use the recordings in commercial projects and to create derivative works without any economic consideration, provided they don’t infringe the CC rights mentioned above.

In addition, any reuse or distribution, must make clear to others the license terms of music recordings. Similarly,its hold be mentioned if the song was edited.

If you, for any reason, cannot meet one of these requirements, you must buy a commercial license.

How can I attribute the work?

Please attribute with “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA” or something similar.

What is a Commercial License?

A Commercial License is a certified document, personal and non transferable, that allows the person who acquires it to use the music hired without complying with the terms of the CC license.

 This is an assignment of certain rights from the author to the costumer.

If I cannot meet the CC License terms, what kind of license do I need to purchase?

There are three types of licenses, depending on the type of use you will make:

Standard: All kind of online works and projects, music on hold.

Extended: Standard + Radio, Events and Live Shows, Theater, Physical support (CD,DVD…), FREE Mobile apps, games and Software.

Complete: Standard + Extended + TV and Cinema broadcasting, Mobile apps, games and Software.

Shall I purchase a license of a song every time I use it?

No. The Commercial License allows the use of the song/s indefinitely, all the times and in all projects you want, provided that this projects belong to the contracted distribution areas (License Types).

 If you have any doubt or problem, please let me know.

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