Review: betterwithmusic 2016

Natural Therapy

Natural Therapy is basically folk with synths. Soft and pleasant songs that alternate electric and acoustic guitars, always with a bed of pads and different keyboards. Sometimes close and friendly, sometimes more epic. But always avoiding shrillness, looking hopeful, between contained happyness and good times of melancholy.

Relaxing music, but with muscle. Again playing with contrasts: to contemplate or dream but not to sleep.



CDDC is a compilation of ambient tracks with silences and repetitions, looped tiny melodies, prepared pianos, drones, clicks and crackles, arpeggiator sequences and modulated percussion, noises, reverbs and delays… Some dark atmospheres for suspense and tension moments. Some ethereal landscapes to contemplate and meditate. Always full of details…

Basically, “DCCD” is composed of several mixes, remixes and alternative takes of some “CDDC” songs.

More danceable and festive, with house, minimal or techno rythms as reference, “DCCD” leaving the dark and “not-at-all relaxed” air. The new versions explores a fresher and brighter side of these songs.

A new point of view with powerful kick drums and sequenced bass phrases, without forgetting all the noises, clicks and crackles.


HiFi City Tales

A compilation of Instrumental Beats: Hip Hop, Trap, Grime, Breakbeat phrases… Some smooth atmospheres for a walk…

Influences… Drake, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Landscapes, Shabazz Palaces, Schoolboy Q, Trim, Boy in da Corner, stroll along the beach, A$AP Rocky, MPC, window shopping, Future, Archy Marshall, Kanye West, summer night party, Kelela, Thundercat, Frank Ocean…


Some works “on demand”

Los Nombres del Fuego


Prototype Fund


Also this year I was lucky to start two new parallel projects like (H) inercia and Maresia. That’s why I have not been able to expand the library in the way I would like. But I’m not going to complain about it, it’s a pleasure to be part of these new adventures.



And a lot of new collaborations. Thank you all for rely on my music!