Simple, the hardest part is making it simple.

With the huge spectrum of posibilities that computing offers to our music, it is easy to fall into the temptation. Effects, sounds, reverb … Simple. One can put make up on a melody, overload it, always taking the risk of overdoing it. Less may be more as they say. And in the end it turns out closer and more sincere, if a song can express the maximum with the minimun. Sakamoto or Glass may serve as examples, as well as Satie, Chopin, Granados, etc …

Simple. From this point of view I got my hands on Sea. A melody for piano with a small cord arrangement that gives a subtle crescendo at the end.

I think it sounds very much like a soundtrack to a movie. Like a good bye scene at the train station, like a Super 8 recording of childhood scenes, with face close ups in slow motion from a friends meeting … What about listening while looking at the sea?

Dowload track

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