Last night the DJ saved my life

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DJI was reviewing some old works, “Bunk” specifically. Among all music composed at that time for that project, I found this song. Well, there was a starting idea, a sample. I never got to finish it without being disappointed with the result. So it never saw the light, until now.

It is certainly a necessary pause just before publishing “Onus”. Faced with the melancholy sounds of the strings, saturated drum machines and the gray atmosphere that characterizes “Onus”, this song makes a brake, relaxed and fresh. Escape of “Onus” made me most easily find the sound I was looking for for this “DJ” and close the song successfully. I needed to party.

“Dj” is also a new exercise of “DIY sample”, already used in Arbol:Small fragments of songs recorded as an independent new song and subsequently used as sample. Original cuts, not bits of other songs.”


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