The idea was to make an electronic music album suitable both for dancing or listening on a beach lounge. The comparison and the middle ground, as usual (we already talked about that). For this task I relied on minimalist rhythms, little noises from deepfunk and IDM … in other words, the things that most appeal to me from nowadays electronic music and fashion lounge spaces (Villalobos rules!). Something elegant but noisy; nordic school on its most pure mediterranean style   🙂

Teaser Eclat de Mode hiver 2010 – BIJORHCA from Chivita-production on Vimeo.

I have to admit that LamB118 was a bit of a joy distraction, but also something that sooner or later I had to do. After all, electronic in general and dance in particular, are nowadays in publicity, movies, tv, etc … It is by no means my speciality; but I think the final result is at least correct (or so they would say those who have downloaded it, right?)

And what’s with the tittle? Simple. La m (Am) is the tone.
B118, the bpm.

Download LamB118

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