Of all published in Jamendo to the date, the most listened and used as soundtrack for projects is the track “Dancing”. It might be that funk is most appealing to me, and the style that I enjoy playing better.

Although I’m a newbie at it. In “Dancing” I wanted to feature all that got me hooked on that music: the Rhodes, the clavinet, the bass going up and down, the careful string arrangements, rithm, rithm, rithm.

Everything I can learn from and enjoy every time I listen to Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder (absolute reference for “Lounge”), Blackbyrds, etc …

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“The film makers Pablo A. Quiroga Prendes and Francisco Martínez Peláez from Gijón won the award from the Cabo Peñas 3rd Short film festival for the movie named “Bisarmes”. The plot belongs among the horror and thriller genres, with the actors Marisa Vallejo, Fernando Marrot, Pelayo Prendes and the famous Basque actor Txema Blasco (Vacas, Cenizas del cielo, Obaba, Carne de gallina…). The composer and musician Javier Suarez (jahzzar) set up the definitive touch.”

Estaya d’asturianu

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Simple, the hardest part is making it simple.

With the huge spectrum of posibilities that computing offers to our music, it is easy to fall into the temptation. Effects, sounds, reverb … Simple. One can put make up on a melody, overload it, always taking the risk of overdoing it. Less may be more as they say. And in the end it turns out closer and more sincere, if a song can express the maximum with the minimun. Sakamoto or Glass may serve as examples, as well as Satie, Chopin, Granados, etc …

Simple. From this point of view I got my hands on Sea. A melody for piano with a small cord arrangement that gives a subtle crescendo at the end.

I think it sounds very much like a soundtrack to a movie. Like a good bye scene at the train station, like a Super 8 recording of childhood scenes, with face close ups in slow motion from a friends meeting … What about listening while looking at the sea?

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