Meet Point: AsturPlaya



AsturPlaya is an award winning iPhone app (Best Spanish Sun & Beach App 2014 Award) that will show you the beaches in Asturias, Spain. Some of them are famous and you might know them all too well, but I bet some of them you don’t – so why don’t you let AsturPlaya show them to you? Open your eyes and your heart and let’s go!”



“AsturPlaya gathers all asturian beaches in one app and offers you all the information to love them even more: Photo galleries, maps, descriptions and in one app only”

“You can see all beaches on a map and also routes to get you to each and every one of them! Search for the perfect beach by choosing from 15 options!

“Choose your favorite beach in Asturias, make a list and share your experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare”






New Release: Servants

servants copia

The original idea was an electro album, with saturated guitars in the place of traditional synthesizers’s sounds. Minimalist percussions inside noisy ambients. Soft rhythms, very light and ethereal, in general. Progressive, even.

But when I started to record, ideas took another direction. The guitars were made with the almost complete domination of the sound. The acustic drums appeared and the original elegant ambient dried. Electronic arrangements and programmations became the background. The music turned in something direct and powerful.

The soft sounds and quiet scenes turned into rage.
The result is “sevants”, classic rock and blues inspired riffs that flirt with the industrial sound.

Some influences … White Stripes, NIN, a day of rage, abandoned industrial buildings, rust, drunk steps, Grinderman…