Grab Bag

  • Alternative / Indie
  • Folk

Grab Bag is the collection of five songs where the piano takes the lead vocal, where chords and harmonics have equal or bigger weight than the melodic lines. As in "The Crowd", each instrument has its particular line, more or less remote from the main theme, and as a whole, the global set shows more than the sum of its parts. Different open chords, adding up, give depth to these imperfect "homemade" recordings. You can hear open-tuned acoustic guitars played from the couch, dim piano, bass throbbing ... Everyday sound, environmental sound that aims to be ambient.

All accented by the melodica. And, above all, the violin bow on electric and acoustic guitars with its ethereal phrasing and extremely melancholy.

I could say that Grab Bag is an album to rest, to relax, but in an active way: to think, to observe, to remember ... An album of pictures, a photo album.

Influences... Long conversations, Ólafur Arnalds, walk on the grass, Sigur Ros Unplugged, String Quartets, tears, epic romance, summer rain, CFCF Exercises, Andrew Bird, Photo albums, Sakamoto (of course)...

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