Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes

  • Folk
  • Rock

Folk-rock sounds, with this americana’s flavour that you can find in “Blinded By Dust” or “Smoke Factory”. But this time there is no celtic influences. Here, the acoustic guitars that can be found in “Blinded” or “Smoke” leave their prominence to the piano and hammond organ. More rhythmic songs, more blues and soul, without fiddles (except one track), whistler or bagpipes. Instead, the brass and gospel voices appear. A collection of intimate songs, naked in most of cases, that seek feelings from the simplicity of forms; from classic rock and folk sounds, with an eye on the latest trends.

Influences... The Band, detuned pianos, Van Morrison, Otis & Aretha, a journey from a farm to the city, Sugar Hill & La Marqueta, Mardi Grass, empty pubs, a lonely light in a office building, Tom Waits, a church in the middle of a wheat field, gospel choirs, road movies...

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