• Electro
  • RnB / HipHop

"Sketches" is basically an album of soul, of instrumental hiphop, of R'n'B. Sensual and reflective, in gereral. Delicate, but also pick up some rythm explosions. Passionate could be the adjective. But a controlled passion, elegant, somewhat distant. It's a ritual of seduction.
Synthetic sounds close to the 80's or 90's to create songs based on chord progressions and basic arrangements of soul and funk. It looks like "Raw Dub", but more soul and less "dub".

The numerated sketches from "Sketches" are remixes of betterwithmusic's songs. Recognize them?

Influences... Frank Ocean, drum machines, Stevie, city ​​lights reflected in a puddle, James Blake, my new Kurzweil, MOOG, Wurlitzer 200A, bow ties, Motown, Miles Davis autobiography, Kendrick Lamar, darkened rooms, The Weeknd, fashion magazines, slow-mo, Drake, sunrises, sunsets ... a kiss at the end of the party.

Photo: Julia Valencia Gachs

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