• Ambient
  • RnB / HipHop

A Scoretracks collection inspired by the sounds of dubstep, hip hop, ambient, nusoul ...
Here you can found instrumental songs close hiphop and dubstep as "Dogs & Cats" and "Striped Blue Vinyl", the electronic folk of "Friends", "Toy weapons" ambient ethereal chords or melodies taken out of the classic soul and reorganized in actual structures, such as for "Bad Days", "The Guitarist" or "Coffee Drops". All in an attempt to build sounds and atmospheres, unlike the work we have presented so far, that combine old and new ideas. Guitars, pianos, simple rhythms and reverb.

Inspired by... Night walks, James Blake, Dub reverb, noise of big factories, tranquility before the storm, Kid A, Burial, ginclubs, empty buses, SciFi movies, Bon Iver, articles about technology, Björk, LEV Fest & SONAR, the lights of the skyscrapers...

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