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We return to ambient with Moonxine, a collection of songs that are born in response to "Sunlight". With these instrumental and electronic songs I try to explore new areas, darker, more nocturnal, to complement the sounds created to represent the day in that album and so, as always, communicate and enhance communication.
Sunlight showed melancholy but upbeat melodies, guitars and programming closer to pop music and arrangements created from pictures. Here are more restrained atmosphere, less bright, in which a single note or entry of a new instrument transforms the speech and makes the compositions do not already have an enclosed structure. Are now histories and get, or so it tries, to unite under the same title several ideas, different "songs".
I had a sunny day to stroll through the park. Now, I have a cold night hiding behind all those streetlights.

Influences... Aphex Twin, Social Network, come to house after a hard day of work, Boards of Canada, concrete music, rain after the window, Autechre, winter's weather, Kaurismaki, Sakamoto with Fennesz, quiet pianos, Sigur Ros, digital clocks, coffe and cigars, Hyperballad, replicants, dark side of the moon...

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