• Soul / Funk

Rhodes and Wurlitzer, pianos, acoustic drums and programming beats, strong synth-bass lines, slap bass, playful guitars, guitars with vocoder, tens of clavinets, classic synths (Moog, ARP, Davosynth, Jupiter-8, M1 etc), string arrangements … All tools available to create a dance compilation with old-fashion sounds, while still sounding modern. To vindicate these old grooves with a contemporary album. A funky Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… Keep moving to the rhythm!!

Influences… Herbie Hancock, retro-futurism, The Space Cowboy, Random Access Memories, Jackson 5′s choreographies, Chic, P-Funk All Stars, mirrorballs, Tony Manero, Stevie, Italo-Disco, Soul Train, Joe Zawinul & Jaco, Studio 54, The Message, Space Invaders, Philadelphia Soul, microKORG…

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