Crime Scene

  • Rock

These go to Eleven!

That's Crime Scene, in short. Hard chords, saturated guitars, powerful basses and breakneck drums. Pure adrenaline. In "Blinded by dust", "The Crowd" or "Traveller's Guide" you can hear rock, more or less powerful, but this time I wanted to post songs that were 100% "hard": hard rock, hardcore, metal... An entire project inspired and dedicated to these rhythms. Sounds that couldn't be left out of this library. Because sometimes, to announce something with great fanfare, the double bass is needed ... no?

Influences... Black t-shirts, Fear of the Dark, Metallica, Lemmy's bass, racing, xtrem sports, historical recreations on TV, Teen Vampires & zombies, Ozzy, terror movies, Fender Explorer, Bloody roots, beer, fifth chords, Badmotorfinger...

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