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Mantra Commercial License

2. Skills Pills

Skills Pills Commercial License

3. Gramaphone

Gramaphone Commercial License

4. Pure

Pure Commercial License

5. Dial

Dial Commercial License

6. Aisles

Aisles Commercial License

7. Pho

Pho Commercial License

8. Books

Books Commercial License

9. Siste Viator

Siste Viator Commercial License

10. Deadpanned

Deadpanned Commercial License

11. Drop everything

Drop Everything Commercial License

12. Glee Gross

Glee Gross Commercial License

13. Dip

Dip Commercial License

14. Studie I

Studie I Commercial License

15. Lullaby

Lullaby Commercial License

16. Foreigner

Foreigner Commercial License

17. Hmong

Hmong Commercial License

18. Cavern

Cavern Commercial License

19. Murmuration of Birds

Murmuration of Birds Commercial License

20. Cloudz

Cloudz Commercial License

21. Owls

Owls Commercial License

22. Maresia

Maresia Commercial License

23. Studie II

Studie II Commercial License

24. Gloom

Gloom Commercial License

25. XX

XX Commercial License


Creative Commons License
CDDC by Jahzzar ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Photo by David Aguilar “El Dédalo” (CC BY-NC). Instagram: @el_dedalo



  • Ambient
  • Experimental

CDDC is a compilation of ambient tracks with silences and repetitions, looped tiny melodies, prepared pianos, drones, clicks and crackles, arpeggiator sequences and modulated percussion, noises, reverbs and delays... Some dark atmospheres for suspense and tension moments. Some ethereal landscapes to contemplate and meditate. Always full of details...

Influences... Arca, Aphex Twin, Actress, Benoit Pioulard, DIY synths, The Haxan Cloak, Ólafur Arnalds, radio tuning, Johann Johannsson, flashing bulbs, long and dark hallways, wood's creaking, Fennesz, troubled water, white noise, Ben Frost, soaked shoes, stay inside a car listening raindrops, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Blanck Mass, Winter's sun, Alva Noto, search for new sounds...

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