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1. Road that burned our boots (3:09)

Roads that burned that boots Commercial License

2. Curtain Up (3:36)

Curtain Up Commercial License

3. Vladimir & Estragon (4:24)

Vladimir & Estragon Commercial License

4. Magic Mountain (5:45)

Magic Mountain Commercial License

5. Three Times (3:03)

Three Times Commercial License

6. Sweet 16 (2:35)

Sweet 16 Commercial License

7. Fastest man on Earth (1:59)

Fastest Man on Earth Commercial License

8. Isn’t another Post-War movie (6:19)

Isn’t Another Post War Movie Commercial License

9. Driver (2:41)

Driver Commercial License

10. Vänlig (3:51)

Vänlig Commercial License

11. IMO (3:12)

IMO Commercial License

12. Waiting room (1:18)

Waiting Room Commercial License

13. Scream from a deaf man (5:51)

Scream from a Deaf Man Commercial License

14. Hymn of the Exile (4:22)

Hymn of the Exile Commercial License

15. In the museum (2:32)

In the museum Commercial License

16. Last dance (3:00)


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Blinded by Dust

  • Folk
  • Rock

Folk-Rock with celt music influences, in the way of "Smoke Factory" or "Home". This is definitely the most rocking of the three and the celtic sounds that are more in the background. More distorted rhythm guitars in the style of american indie. Songs with powerful riffs like "Roads that burned our boots", "Magic Mountain" and "Scream from a Deaf Man" and quieter acoustic songs like "Three Times", "Vanlig" or "Fastest Man on Earth", in another attempt to bring the classic pop rock to the sounds of traditional music.

Influences... Drive by Truckers, mountains and lakes, Route 66, jeans t-shirt and sunglasses, autumn leaves, IKEA, Bonfires in the forest, Jimi´s Red House, White album, Wilco, cider with bagpipes, Waiting for Godot, Jim Jarmusch, a last beer, stadium anthems, Beck, Ford Pickup, new psicodelia, Black Keys, Tame Impala, farewells and reunions...

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