4 naked songs 4 autumn’s rainy days

  • Folk

Acoustic Folk, simple productions... "4 Naked" is a walk through a park, watching the leaves fall. Melancholy, as it can not be otherwise. It's autumn. "Bed" springs from a long bus ride along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. It´s the melody (try not to be forgotten before the return). "Room with a view" is the rhythm, the pulse of fingerpicking, the conversation between instruments. The street behind the windows fogged. "Joke" is energy, not always necessary to fall asleep under the covers. And "Sunday morning"... Well, I think we all know such as the Sunday morning ... stillness, tranquility, quiet street ... In short, an approach to classic american folk-rock. Music to listen without rushing, to imagine, to stop thinking, just for a moment.

Influences... The smell of wood, country ballads, Dylan, old stories of bar, hot drink to wake up, Devils & Dust, small fires to ward off the cold, Feist, Tallest Man on Earth, Fleet Foxes, scarves, pink heaven evening, the noise of the trees moved by the wind ...

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