Something changed at betterwithmusic.com.

Last days, I have been working in important changes to this web. And now, finally, it is a pleasure to present these novelties.




Now you can download all the albums and songs directly from here, without going to other websites as FMA or Jamendo for it. The downloads remain free, of course, that has not changed.



Similarly, it is now possible to purchase commercial licenses, when it’s necessary, through betterwithmusic.

For this purpose, three types of licenses are made available to the consumer, depending on the distribution media project / work in which the contracted music will appear:

STANDARD: All kind of online works and projects, music on hold (30€)

EXTENDED: Standard + Events and Live Shows, Theater, Physical support (CD, DVD…), FREE Mobile apps and Software (50€)

COMPLETE: Standard + Extended + TV and Cinema broadcasting, Mobile apps and Software (100€)

What is a Commercial License? It’s a certified document that allows the consumer to use music without having to comply with the terms of the CC license of Attribution and Share-Alike (in case of audio without attribution, for example). This license shall be sent to the email address provided within 1 or 2 days from the day on which the payment is received.


The store is open. Checkout!