New Release: kontra-punkte

  No-haste music. Soft and ethereal pianos with synthetic sounds created from soundscapes. Lighneted notes, lengthened chords, glitch, smooth atmospheres, environmental noises… A game played around sound, improvised. A break without post-production or master, to catch the moment… and to stretch it. Influences… La Monte Young, Xenakis, Stockhausen, Nicolas Jaar, field recordings, horizon lines, Brian […]

Happy B-Day, betterwithmusic!!

April… 8 years ago…   Discount Codes for Commercial Licenses!!   2nd Song for FREE (Standard): FREESTAND 2nd Song for FREE (Extended): FREEEXT 2nd Song for FREE (Complete): FREECOMP 2+1 Standard: 2+1STAND 2+1 Extended: 2+1EXTEND 2+1 Complete: 2+1COMP Pack 5 Standard (Save 50%): Standard5 Pack 5 Extended (Save 50%): Extended5 Pack 5 Complete (Save 50%): Complete5   Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy it!! […]